Saturday, September 29, 2007

Today Eric and I bought running shoes. We have some extra money right now, so we paid to get nice ones. However, as soon as I got home I hopped onto the endless website (they knock $5 off the price to give you free overnight shipping) to see if I could have gotten them for cheaper. I couldn't. So I went to Zappos to check there and found I got a good deal at the shoe store. Thanks for the info, Abbie.

While at Zappos I decided to look at the ridiculously priced shoes. I kept playing around looking at silly shoes and stumbled onto a brand that seems to cater to...ladies of the night. I couldn't help myself. Here are some pictures and the customer comments that went with them. I can't help adding my own comments, either.

"Cheap shoes - For what these boots cost, I thought they would be a lot nicer. They are very cheap looking. They will be going back." Yes, cheap is how they make you look."I was looking for a high quality patent leather shoe, not too high, with plenty of attitude. However, these shoes are WAY over the top. They're just too 'Hollywood Boulevard streetwalker' for me. Wear these if you want to get noticed...but not necessarily in a good way." Bingo. Even though the first ones are worse.

These next ones are my favorite and the first I saw.

"To the top of the pole even faster - I love these shoes...they have made my tips go up at least 25% and make the trip to the top of the pole even shorter." I rest my case. I would just be afraid of falling off these shoes and breaking my neck. I guess I'll just have to keep my day job and stay home at night.


Abbie said...

I like the new design. So... you must tell me. What kind of shoes did you get? I'm so excited for you!!

Britt- Sparkled Vintage Charm said...

lol!! sooo funny!!!