Sunday, October 28, 2007

Primary Program

Today we had the annual Primary Program. This is the first year there has been even a small amount of stress involved on my part. In the past I have been the eager Primary child, as well as the teacher of the older girls. They didn't cause any problems. This year, however, I am the music leader. With 15 songs sprinkled generously through the program, it's hard for me to have a low profile. It is quickly apparent that the children in the picture are not in my ward. The children in the picture are singing. It was actually a fun experience and I thought I would pass along some of the gems of the presentation.

First is Rowan, a 5 year old who reads very well and is a little naughty. When his first turn to speak came he put on a devilish grin and ran away from the microphone. I was worried until I realized he had just gone back to grab the paper with his lines.

Next was Jaron, a generally independent 3 year old. He simply refused to do it because he wanted his mom to help. That was a first.

Another 3 year old, Sarah, said her lines perfectly, then paused with her mouth still at the microphone before pursing her lips and purposefully blowing in it. Then she primly went back to her seat.

The last (and my favorite) comes from Jennifer, yet another 3 year old. She likes to do things by herself. Before saying her part she put her hand on the microphone to tell her teacher she could do it herself. Then she looked up at the ceiling and asked her teacher, "What do I say?"

It went over really well and the kids did a fantastic job singing "I'll Follow Him in Faith" at the end

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mom/Janet said...

Hi Jordan,
It's Abbie's mom again. I just had to tell you that through 15 years of children in Primary and then watching our program in Sacrament meeting yesterday, your ward sounds very typical. That's what makes it so cute. Horray for Primary music leaders.