Sunday, November 04, 2007

Catch Up

The week has been busy. Marathon training took us to 20 min jogging, 5 fast walking, then repeat that set once. It was a killer, but after completing it on all four days I feel strong. Next week will be easier, as it is jogging for 25 minutes and not having to repeat it.

Wednesday was, of course, Halloween and all the guys at work keep bugging me to show them photos of the costumes I made for myself and Eric. We went as Aragorn and Arwen from Lord of the Rings. Eric is especially pleased with his cloak. My dress was a nightmare to make because the fabric did weird things to the size. I also thought I was fatter than I really was when I was making it. My picture is an attempt to look melancholy, as Arwen is starting to die when she's wearing this dress. The effect is closer to confused, but trying not to let anyone know. I guess I just wasn't meant to be an actress.

My sister in law, Amber, is a Halloween baby, so we did her birthday more than we did Halloween. I thought my birthday had been done really well, so I recreated part of it
with my mother in law, Stephanie. We went to the Salt Lake temple and did a session before heading to the Grand America Hotel for afternoon tea. We had a little extra time and went to Modern Display. The goal was not to buy anything, but Stephanie ended up buying all of us wassail mix and a witch doll for Amber's next birthday (it's a tradition). We enjoyed the tea, although I was sad there was no opera cake this time. We ended our afternoon with me taking a couple of bad pictures. Thanks to the magic of Picasa, they don't look as bad as they did.
Saturday was a big day for my extended family, meaning that Eric had to be at drill. I got a fantastic deal on a dress from the Ann Taylor Loft website that I was determined to wear, so my mom took me shopping to find a shirt to go under it. It didn't look so low cut in the picture, but it certainly was on me. It also goes down to mid calf at the hem. I chose one I thought would be okay and, surprisingly, it turned out really well. The occasion was a combination baptism/mission farewell/birthday. My cousin, Benson, and second cousin, Dillon, were baptized, my cousin, Anna, had a birthday, and my grandparents will be leaving on a mission on Monday. My dad has been taking family pictures for my grandparents to take with them to Mexico and Saturday was my family's turn. Eric will have to be Photoshopped in. Hyrum baptized Benson and Grandpa baptized Dillon. Then we all went over to Carolyn and Hyrum's house for lunch and enjoyed a good visiting time. My grandparents forgot their camera, so I got to take pictures. I have nefarious reasons for keeping my camera in my purse at all times. It all worked out so that they have a disc of pictures they can develop and give to whoever they choose. They will be going to the MTC to prepare for mission number five. This time it is to the Mexico Merida temple. They were set to go the first week in December but, surprise(!), they were asked a week or two ago to leave a month early. So they are. I think that about covers everything. Now I can get ready for Stake Conference. It's at the tabernacle and, because Eric is at drill, I get to walk. Hopefully it's cool enough outside that I won't be sweaty when I get there.

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