Wednesday, November 28, 2007

There's Nothing Super About My Computer

So I 'm pretty fed up with my computer at work. It's Eric's archaic laptop that was top of the line when he bought it, but is now...unsatisfactory. The left shift key is missing and the battery has about 10 minutes of life. On a good day. When Eric got a newer, more up-to-date laptop to take to his training in California (which got cancelled at the last second, then put back on, then cancelled, then back on, then cancelled again--not good for my nerves) the older, but still functional, laptop was relegated to me. Rather than make it sad by putting it in a corner, I took it to work to play DVDs for me while I sew.

Until recently I haven't had any complaints, but the laptop has learned a new trick. Apparently all I have to do to get the computer to shut off is to tap it lightly on the right side close to the wireless card. It does the same thing when I try to turn it and see the screen better. So far this morning it has cut out on me twice in the middle of typing. I could flick its nose to let it know this behavior is unacceptable, but then it just turns off.

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Carrie & Karl said...

Sorry to hear about the computer problems, my husband wants a laptop for school too...