Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Today in Traffic

Eric and I decided to leave early to get him to school and me to work today. The reasoning behind it was to beat the evil white truck for my parking space. I only ask for one, but now he has invited another truck crony. It is also a white truck, but small. At least now all three trucks are only taking up two spaces each. Evil white truck just got here and (horror!) had to park in just one space. I digress.

I dropped Eric off at school and there were two accidents at the roundabout to get into UVSC. No one was hurt and I'm sure that one of the accidents was caused by rubber necking from the other. Maybe now people will learn how the two lane roundabout works. Anyway, the first accident we saw was a minor fender bender on the inside lane. Once we got into the roundabout we saw the other, more comical accident. The car had left its lane entirely. To separate where cars exit and enter the roundabout, there is a grassy divider with a sign for directions to different locations on campus. The car was resting peacefully on the grass, except for the bit of front bumper caught on the cement base and bent out of shape.

After I dropped Eric off and negotiated my way back onto the main street there was another traffic snarl at the next light. A carpet van lost a roll of carpet and two pads when they stopped at the light. They had their own orange triangles, so it was cleaned up before long.

I wanted to take a picture of the car on the grass while I was in the parking lot, but Eric said it wasn't nice. So, to even the score, I will admit to one of my stupider driving moments. In high school I worked at the MTC Cafeteria. I had a crush on a fellow employee, who had just quit. We drove away at about the same time and, instead of watching where I was going, I watched where he was going. It resulted in my ramming the car into a divider hard enough to pop the tire and make the horn blare. At least I was still in the parking lot. And the missionaries enjoyed watching my dad change the tire.

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