Saturday, December 08, 2007

Why the Angel Sits on Top of the Christmas Tree

We set up our Christmas tree today and found that it is too tall for us to put the beloved star from my youth on top. Instead, we used one of the lighted angel ornaments as the topper. It made me think of the story of why the angel sits on top of the Christmas tree and I thought I would share.

One year Santa was having a really difficult time getting everything taken care of. The elves were all upset and had gone on strike, leaving the toys only half finished in the workshop. The reindeer all were sick and making a terrible mess of the stalls. The naughty/nice list was nowhere to be found and letters with requests were pouring in. Mrs. Claus was coming down hard on him for no apparent reason. To top it all off he could feel a nasty bout of the flu coming on. As Santa went deeper into his funk of misery, he heard the doorbell ring. Grumbling, he answered the door. There in front of him was a beautiful angel with a radiant smile and sweet disposition. She said, "I have your Christmas tree, Santa. What would you like me to do with it?"

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Carrie & Karl said...

I thought it was because Eric put your picture on his tree when he was on his mission and sent you a picture of the "angel" on his tree.