Thursday, March 13, 2008

Aaron's Art

My brother-in-law is an awesome artist. For my birthday a year or two ago he took one of my bridal pictures and sketched it on paper for me. It's gorgeous. Anyway, I just had to give him a little plug and post some of my favorite pieces of his work.

A lot of his stuff seems (to me) to be Sci-Fi oriented. I get a big kick out of this one.

He served his mission in Georgia, so he probably had to deal with scary dogs more than I did. In Italy it was trying to avoid the scary things the dogs left behind.

We're pretty staunch Republicans at my house, so this just makes us giggle.

If I have a girl I would love to make a nursery theme around this picture. If you want to see more, check out his blog.

1 comment:

Della Hill said...

Great pictures.
Carrie liked the Hillary one so much she e-mailed it to me.
I refuse to affiliate with either political party, ( I thought I left cliques and popularity contests behind in high school, imagine my chagrin in finding out they're still here and actually run the country, sigh...), but I do hate Hillary, so I got a laugh out of that one too.
I admire artists because it's a skill I have never had even a scintilla of. Cool pics.