Thursday, March 06, 2008

Innovations in Idiocy

This is one of those days where I feel like I have so much to say on the topic, but not enough space to keep it interesting. So, after considering my options ("old" bank teller, bus stop diver, unprepared missionary, and lying security system salesman) I decided that the bus stop diver was the one story that just had to be told.

I picked Eric up from school today, which is unusual for a Thursday. His teacher had kept them longer than he was supposed to. The only reason I mention that is because traffic around the front of UVSC had a long time to build up. We got stuck at the roundabout. From there we had a clear view of the covered bus stop. I looked over just in time to see a young man of questionable brain capacity scaling the side of the shelter. Once he reached the top of the roof (about 10 feet or so above the ground) he looked down expectantly at his buddies and the girls who were watching. I think he was waiting to be complimented on his daring. That didn't seem to work, so he started pacing on the roof of the bus stop.

By this time I was watching intently, wondering when he was going to decide to come down. We were too far away to read lips, but we were able to see expressions. He decided he had a brilliant idea and was encouraging his little knot of onlookers to give him a dare worthy of his talent. I don't think they ever obliged. He was not to be discouraged and took it upon himself to show his skills to everyone there. With exuberant energy he launched himself into the air and away from the roof of the bus stop.

If you consider that he was already 10 feet up and added another 2-3 feet with his leap you might think he was just a foolish young man. However, when you also consider that his jump forced him to land on downward slope (i.e. uneven ground even further from the roof) you recognize that "foolish" isn't an adequate descriptor. As it was, he landed on both feet and tried to soften his fall by rolling over one of his shoulders. Once again, he seemed really pleased with himself until he saw that his adoring fans just looked at him without even a hint of admiration. Or concern at his fall. I think reality finally set in with him when he tried to walk back up the hill without limping. It didn't work well. How do you explain that to your parents when you get home?

"Hey, Mom."
"Are you okay? What happened?"
"Uh, nothin'."
"But you're limping!"
"Yeah. Well, I kinda jumped off the roof of a bus stop."

At least there were no ambulances required. And because I can't help it after this post, here is my "Keeping the Emergency Room in Business" video. I thought it was relevant. I used to play it for my students when we talked about responsible behavior.

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Della Hill said...

I laughed so hard at that video I scared my husband.
Like my dad says, you can't protect the world from stupidity.