Thursday, April 17, 2008

Last Call

The time in my incentive period as an Usborne Books consultant is coming to a close. I thought I would mention it because anyone who hosts a party while I'm in my incentive period gets double the free books. My last three hostesses have gotten $90 in free books, so it's totally possible. Probably the last day to host a show in my incentive period would be May 17th. Anyone who is interested, leave me a comment so I can get in touch with you to set up a date. Or you can feel free to order from my website. But a party is what gets you the free stuff.

My husband has been enjoying listening to some of my phone conversations with hostesses. The most recent was when a hostess was trying to decide between two different potty training books, Potty Time and Baby's Potty. At this point I have to admit that the name Baby's Potty has been making me giggle like an idiot for a couple of weeks now, but I finally conquered it. She asked me which one I thought was the better book. I told her, "Well, I've seen Baby's Potty" and my husband started to laugh and had to leave the room. It got me highly amused as well and it was a struggle to continue sounding professional. I didn't think she would appreciate it if I started snickering about it over the phone. Of course, if she could have seen the expression on my face, she probably would have laughed, too. It was a cross between trying to contain my mirth while simultaneously attempting to shoot daggers at my husband for making me laugh.

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Carrie & Karl said...

Is it possible to have a catalog party?