Thursday, May 29, 2008


The other day Eric and I went to the Rock Canyon trail head to look for possible campgrounds for him to use with the scouts. I will leave out the descriptions of how idiotically tired I got and how quickly, except to say it's amazing how much my my pregnant body won't let me do. It's insane. Anyway, partway up the trail we started noticing the rock climbers in the area. They were fun to watch. Before too long we reached a point where the trail branched off and one direction was steeper than we thought I should go. I stayed where I was while Eric scouted it out. I amused myself by watching the climbers. I found a new pair even further off that were higher up. Within a second or two of finding them I saw one of the most horrifying things in my life. The climber who was lower on the rock lost his grip and fell head-first toward the rocks below. There was another outcropping of rocks that blocked my vision after the first 15-20 feet of fall. As I watched all I could do was stand there, utterly useless. I have no cell phone, so I couldn't call 911. There was no one close enough for me to call out to for help. It was too far and high to run to offer assistance (not to mention that my current body makes that impossible). All I could do was watch the other climber in a mute horror. The other climber was doing much the same as I was. She stayed locked in place near the top of the rock, staring down at her climbing buddy.
I'm not sure how much time passed, but I was happier than I can say when I saw the fallen climber stand up from behind the rocks and start walking. Apparently there was a lot that the other rocks blocked from my vision. I'm just happy it turned out well. I've also never been so happy to see my husband safe and sound after such a short separation.

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