Saturday, June 07, 2008

Beauty Concepts

So the other day I saw a link to an article about cool summer hairstyles. I clicked on it to see if there was anything interesting I could do with my new(ish) haircut. When I got there I was surprised at what I saw, but it had nothing to do with the hairstyles. It had everything to do with the looks the models had on their faces. I thought to myself, "These women make a living by putting on other people's clothes, having their hair and makeup done for them, and strutting around while people proclaim them to be the pinnacle of female beauty. In return they get paid a ton of money and develop eating disorders." That doesn't drip too much with contempt, does it?

What struck me is that, apparently, the fashion industry is telling us that we must perpetually scowl in order to be beautiful. There were 10 pictures in that article. I have included half of them.
This one looks like an evil villain in a Batman cartoon.

This one looks like she just caught her boyfriend flirting with another woman.

While she doesn't look particularly cross, she does look confused.

This is winner of the Miss Zombie International contest.

The image of a native Martian the moment just before she shoots death rays from her eyes has never before been captured.

After looking at these pictures I realized that I am not reaching my full potential for beauty. So, I will give you all a preview of my new look. Hopefully it will take me one step closer to looking like the fashion models and reaching the pinnacle of beauty, myself.

1 comment:

Della Hill said...

These are fashionable hairstyles?
#3 looks like she doesn't own a comb.
#4 must have stolen #3's comb, and wonder of wonders, can make a part down the middle of her head.
Love your look though. You should strut the supermaket with that one.