Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Baby Showers

I had a great baby shower in June with the girls from my mission. It was a wonderful time with great food and good company. When my sweet ex-companions Mary and Abbie offered to throw the shower for me I was right on top of getting a guest list together. If I remember correctly. They may have a different story.

Now I have two more showers coming up and I have been quite lax about getting the word out about those. So, I would like to make sure everyone who I may have neglected (in my pregnant state of mind) to send an invitation to gets the chance to come hang out at one shower or the other. The first one is this Saturday from 11-2 and is being thrown by my dear friend Carrie. It's open house style, so you can come and go at your leisure. It's at her mom's house in Provo.

The second shower is next Saturday (the 26th) and is my mom is in charge of it. It will be at her church building in north Orem. It is also open house style and goes from noon-2.

If you would like to come to either of the showers, leave me a comment, call me, or send me an email and I will give you the address of the shower of your choice. Hope to see anyone and everyone!

1 comment:

stephasauri said...

Isn't that great that so many people love you and want to throw you a shower?!

Maybe I could go to the one next Saturday since I'll be at a family reunion this Saturday.