Thursday, July 10, 2008

Thursday's Giggle

This was a conversation I overheard today when (I think) the two guys at the store forgot I was there.

Guy 1: How's it going?
Guy 2: Pretty good. I have to leave early today for a doctor appointment, though.
Guy 1: Are you sick?
Guy 2:'s something with my prostate.
Guy 1: You having trouble down there?
Guy 2: Well, I had an infection before and now I'm just kind of sore.

I didn't hear the rest of the conversation. It was too difficult trying to control the shaking caused by working hard not to burst out in fits of laughter.

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stephasauri said...

Ha ha I can just picture one guy saying to another "You having trouble down there?" Funny! Thanks for sharing!

You found me on facebook and now I found your blog! Fun times! Now we can blog stalk each other! Ours is: