Saturday, October 18, 2008

Mens Workboots

My hubby likes to play World of Warcraft. Every couple of weeks he signs up to play with a group of people so they can beat a big bad guy that you can't beat by yourself. He wants me to set up a character so I can play along with him and join in the fun. Sadly, I have less than no interest and about that much time in which to start a new hobby. Anyway, last night was one of his game nights. I didn't feel much like staying home and watching the baby, so I decided to push the stroller and watch the baby. We ended up at Burlington (which, by the way, is a dangerous place for your budget when you go looking for anything baby related. Way too many cute things.) and spent an hour wandering the store until they said it was time to close and please make all your purchases, thank you for shopping at Burlington. As I made my way to the register with three new outfits and a bib for Eliana I passed the shoe section.
Thank goodness I had my camera. That was good enough on its own to merit the trip. I'm thinking maybe Eric needs a pair of Mens Workboots for Christmas. Metallic high tops are just so practical.


Della Hill said...

You may have seen on my blog that my whole family plays WoW.
My husband started before me and got me into it too.
So is he doing Kara, ZA, or Sunwell?
What race, class and spec is his toon?
How many toons does he have?
Is he excited about Lich King?
Does he want to join our guild?
We are in the Misha realm and our guild is the Quorum of the Seventy.
Oh, wait, this post was about men's workboots right?
Yeah, the metallic ones are way hot.

Della Hill said...

Thanks for your husbands responses.
It really is rare to see a ret pally, (at least on my server), because they tend to go prot as Pallys usually make the best tanks.
Unfortunately my pally tank is only lvl 44.
My holy priest is 68 1/2, and I am getting threats from my hubby who is has 3 70s that I need to be 70 by this weekend or else.
I also play with my brother in Alaska and his wife. Also with my sister in California and her husband. It is a great way to keep in touch and interact with family even when they are far away.
Vent is awesome for that too.
You know Jordan, you might like it if you tried...