Friday, April 17, 2009


Done and done. I gave my notice at work today. It has been a little traumatic for me ever since Wednesday when I decided it was time to go. After working there for five years it's a little difficult to break myself away. I'm also pretty emotionally attached to the job. The scary part for me is that any money that I make from now on needs to come from business that I drum up myself. It wouldn't be quite as scary if we knew for sure whether or not my husband will graduate in April (he will, he will, he will) and if he already had a full time job. Still, it's one of those things that feels like the right thing to do. It will be better for the baby if I can pay more attention to her than I could at work, as well as better for me and my personal stress level. I've been fretting about it for a couple of days, but once I said the words I was a lot more calm. The plan was to give notice in person, but because of geography (my manager was not going to be in the store until after I left) I had to do it over the phone.

I feel like it was the right choice to make for a wide variety of reasons, but it still feels very strange to leave it behind. Hopefully, two weeks from now, I'll have a big smile on my face and a spring in my step. Tonight all I can claim is less tension in my shoulders, but that's good enough for now.


Carrie and Karl said...

I'm proud of you for making such a difficult decision. Does this mean you can make my curtains soon?

Sharon said...

Congratulations! That's such an exciting step!

Charlotte said...

That would be scary, but oh so exciting! Hooray for being done with that job and for less tension! I'm sure everything will turn out well for you guys!