Thursday, June 11, 2009

Baby Contest pics

I just got an email today with pictures from the Freedom Festival Baby Contest. The link is here. These were pictures taken by one of the volunteers. There is only one picture with me and the baby. It's picture number 138. There was a mommy I saw that day who I hoped was there with her nephew. I think it's actually her son and he's about my daughter's age. Four of the pictures confirmed it. She's the mommy. She's also a student of mine from two years ago. From the JUNIOR HIGH!!! Now I'm just trying to remember if she was in my foods class (8th grade) or Teen Living (9th grade), the class in which I tried to emphasize decision-making skills and thinking about where their choices would lead. I'm not sure which one I hope she was in. I'm pretty sure it was the foods class.

I wanted to do the baby contest for Orem Summerfest this year because I had so much fun at the Freedom Festival contest, but I decided against it because we're really poor. Now I want to do it again. Decisions, decisions.

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Abbie said...

That tube top baby is worse than I thought. Unbelievable!