Thursday, June 18, 2009


I've found that I'm an organic snob. If it's organic, I won't buy it. There isn't a noticeable difference to me and organic always costs more. That being said, I was a bit irritated when, after purchasing it, I saw that my bag of special seed starting dirt ( I broke down and bought a bag when I failed at starting my veggies) was organic. Really? Is there even a way for dirt to not be organic? It's dirt.


Christin said...

Ha! Shouldn't all dirt be "organic"?

Carrie and Karl said...

It's like putting "100% fat free" on the package for something that has always been that way. ARGGGHHHH!!! I'm the same way.

[Morgan] said...

ha! i love this.
i have always believed that organic is a gimmick.