Thursday, September 16, 2010

Wii Goal

A couple of weeks ago I weighed myself on the Wii.  It asked me to set a goal for my weight.  Knowing I was close to delivering a baby, I decided I would set my goal to lose 10 pounds in two weeks.  That's possible when you're about to evict an 8 pound baby and other pregnancy-related stuff.  I set the goal for the day before my due date, knowing I would deliver way before then.  Tomorrow is the day before my due date.  Seeing as nothing is moving forward in the baby eviction process, I doubt I'll reach my goal.  Grumble.  Maybe she'll surprise me, but I doubt it.  So how's your day?


danette said...

I usually go over my due date, I didn't this time because of Gestational Diabetes. I was induced 8 days early.

I know what you are feeling. I must say that it must be harder having one come before your due date and the next one not. It must feel like you are over due.

[Morgan] said...

i've been anxiously waiting to hear....