Friday, March 18, 2011

A St. Patty's Day to Remember...Or Not.

I love any little holiday with a new baby because the "first" anything is so fun.  I was sad that I couldn't find the little romper Ellie wore on her first St. Patrick's day, so she wore what her cousin Daphne wore last year.  Maya didn't disappoint at making the day memorable.  She was her cute, happy little self all day long.  It was a different story for me, though.  We'll keep it short and simple by saying that at about 2 pm I sent a chat to Eric asking if we could return Ellie and get a refund.  I was also considering calling my property manager and yelling at him, but I decided against that.  I also didn't give Ellie back.  Just in case you wondered.

The day actually turned out fine, though.  I got the girls all dressed in green.  Tangent:  I dressed the girls in orange the day before to celebrate my Irish roots as an orangewoman.  My great grandfather came over from Ireland and was Protestant before being baptized a Latter-Day Saint.  Besides, it was fun to stretch it for another day.  End tangent.  We went to the library for story time.  I had Ellie take off her pirate hat (one of our best ever finds at Walmart) because I thought there might be a St. Patrick's day theme.  Know what the theme was?  Yeah, it was pirates.  I kicked myself a little for that.  There was also a mom there with her two boys and they were all dressed in orange.  I thought that was cool.

Because of my high level of irritation, the only other St. Patricky thing I did was have fun with my makeup.  Do you see what I did?  Green with a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.  That was all kinds of fun.

The only green thing about dinner was the lettuce in my salad.  Dinner was devoid of potatoes, cabbage, and even corned beef (which I never choose to eat).  Our family activity was going to Build-A-Bear to get Ellie a lovey for bedtime.  Her current lovey is a hand belonging to either Eric or me.  Not okay.  She ended up getting a white cat named Kee Kat.  Kee Kat wears a Tinkerbell dress, has a heartbeat, and sounds like Mommy and Daddy when her right paw is pressed.  Last night's bedtime was better.  Below is a picture of Ellie just after purchasing Kee Kat.  She's pointing at the cat window and sporting her pirate hat.

Isn't Ellie's sweater wonderful?  I think she'll get one more use from it before it's retired, and that's only because she kept it clean.  See those flowers that go oh-so-perfectly with the St. Patrick's theme?  After a washing each flower must be pressed open individually.  There are 56.  I discovered that fact when I put her flower sweater in the washing machine and got a spit wad sweater when I pulled it out of the dryer.


Carrie and Karl said...

I love the eyes.sorry the day wasn't wonderful.

[Morgan] said...

i love your eyes. wow!

i've threatened to sell ellie in a yard sale before.... even made a sign. am i terrible? lol.

both girls look darling:)