Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Almost There

The whole house building process just turned a sharp corner.  It's not that anything different has happened, there's just been a shift in my thinking.  For the past couple of months I've felt like we were going to be building a house for the rest our lives but never moving in.  Not a particularly pleasant thought.  The idea of caulking doorways into eternity gives me nightmares.

We got word that, if everything goes according to schedule, we can have the interiors of all the homes completed and inspected on December 20.  Wait...Dec. 20?  That's before Christmas.  Holy crap; we could be done (but not moved in) before Christmas!  Sweet!  That picture above is almost three weeks old.  We now have counter tops and the carpet padding is down.  I assume the actual carpet will be installed tomorrow.  Appliances will be delivered in five days.  The stonework is started on our house and one other.  Work on the stone has progressed well beyond what's shown in the picture below.  The best part?  I only have to prep one more house for paint.  :)  I don't love touch-up work, but it feels like the downhill slide rather than the uphill struggle through mud.

Anyhow, everything seems suddenly real.  Now i just have to get my tail in gear and pack up the house for our very last move.  Ever.  That's cause for celebration.

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