Monday, August 20, 2007

New ID

With my 27th birthday fast approaching, Friday was the day to renew my driver's license. Generally this would not be a time of sadness, but I really like the picture on my old license. And the old weight. I must admit that I gave in to doing the "girl thing" and took five pounds off what I actually weigh. Thankfully all you have to do at the DMV is fill out the paper and they put it on your license. The little white lie is easily hidden. The same does not hold true when obtaining a spouse card from the military. I had to be escorted on base by my husband and taken to the desk to fill out the information. The "filling out" was performed by the uniformed personnel behind that desk.

"Hair color?"
"Eye color?"
"Uh, what's the average weight of an adult hippopotamus?"
(checks computer) "1.5 tons"
"Okay...five pounds less than that."
"Smile for the camera."

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