Monday, September 24, 2007

I'll Weather the Weather

Today it seems like it is officially fall. The air has become crisp and the people on the street were all wearing long sleeves. I, on the other hand, am clinging to summer. I bought two pairs of sandals at the end of spring (thank you, Dansko Employee Purchase Program!) and I am loathe to give them up. This morning while there was hail falling and I was filling up the gas tank I realized I have become one of "them." "Them" refers to the people who insist on wearing their flip flops in the middle of January. I always assumed that brain cells leaked out along with heat from their head. "Them", however, was not the thought in my head as I stood at the gas station in sandals and short sleeves, cursing the weather. "You can have my sandals when you chip them off my cold, frost-bitten toes!" I was just upset that the weather wanted me to stop wearing my open toe shoes.

At that point I had forgotten the well-known truth about Utah's weather: If you don't like it, wait five minutes. Works like a charm. Along those lines, I also enjoyed the view from my house when I got home from work.

This picture of it isn't the best, but it shows typical Utah weather. Half of the sky is beautiful and happy. The other half is grey and threatening. It's as if the forces of Good and the forces of Evil are battling for territory. I find it interesting that Evil is centered over Y mountain. I could make up several analogies to go along with that, but I will restrain myself.

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