Monday, September 10, 2007

An Ongoing Investigation

School started at BYU last week. This doesn't really have anything to do with me, but it does bring to mind all the times I have heard the phrase "Utah drivers suck" from BYU students. I've always taken issue with this because I am from Utah. I also think drivers from every state can be bad drivers. Lately I've taken to keeping a notebook in the car for keeping track of stupid drivers. So far the stupid drivers are 50% from Utah and 50% from other states. Not bad considering that most drivers in this city are from Utah. I figured that if I plan on spending blog space to talk about the injustice of assuming Utah drivers suck that I should have evidence to support my own theory. I'll have a dissertation on it once I have gathered all the facts.


Carrie Prince said...

I would have to say that the drivers in Utah are bad, but I think most of that is because the Utah drivers are having to swerve and or dodge the drivers from elsewhere.
My latest pet-peeve in this area: drivers turning left thinking they have the right-of-way instead of those turning right. Have you noticed this?

Jordan said...

YES!!! I've noticed that several times. Who taught them left turns go first? Grumble.

Anonymous said...

utah drivers are the worst drivers i have ever seen. while its arguable that its ok to ride the closing left lane until the end, it is generally frowned upon as the person who would eventually let you in is someone who waited their turn to get to that point in the line of traffic. you should essentially start to merge right when you see that traffic is lining up in the continuing lane. yes, you are a jerk if you expect to be let in line after following the ending lane all the way to the end. are you in such a hurry that you cant get in line when you had the chance half a mile before? its similar to the jackasses who want to ride everyones bumper in a traffic jam on the highway.

i recently was in a highway jam and there was no reason for it besides the fact that people wanted to go faster than what was possible for the number of cars on the highway. if everyone on the highway would have gone a steady speed no one would have had to play the stop and go game. in a situation like that i let the car ahead of me space out about 5-10 car lengths as i stay a steady speed say 10-20 mph, and while the car in front of me plays stop and go games i will stay a steady speed and the space between us adjusts accordingly, but i never had to completely stop. and so if the people behind me stay at a similar speed they too will never have to stop coasting. now what ruins this flow is the jack ass who wants to speed up to 25-30 mph and reach the bumper of the car in front of him and stop, and then when theres 5 feet of space he will do it again, and again and again and again. essentially what causes the traffic jam in the first place are these jackasses who want to go faster than what the traffic can allow at the time and the cars end up backing up to a stop completely instead of just slowing down. stop and go driving is the worst type of driving on your car.

what killed me about this particular traffic jam was that i had a person behind me who was mad and honking their horn because i would not speed up to the bumper of the car in front of me when there was about a 10 car space. this is exactly the type of idiot indicative to utah, with no where to go, miles of cars ahead of us, and still cant handle having a gap to the next car ahead. stupid ignorant mindless LDS utah drivers!