Tuesday, September 11, 2007

It's All About the Music

I love my job. I really do. I love every single person there. That wasn't true before we got our new manager, but tht is not the story. The only thing I don't like (aside from stupid customers) is the repetitive music we hear. Every day for 8 hours I am treated to the lovely sounds of church music. Most of it is fine, the rest of it is LDS pop. I never did like religious pop music, but I was completely cured of it on my mission when that was about all we were allowed to listen to besides Mo Tab.

For those of you who love LDS pop, sorry. I don't. I think they all sound the same. Three of the songs I hear every day do, however, stick out to me more than the others: His Hands, Wings, and The One I Don't Know the Name Of.

The One I Don't Know the Name Of is the least annoying of the three. It actually kind of amuses me. It's about Christ (not the reason it's amusing) and the voice of the singer sounds so familiar. Like something from the past... If I had to choose a name for it, the name would be The Carpenters Sing the Bible.

His Hands is a song that I was once indifferent to, and now hate with a burning fiery passion. Why? There were too many weeks in a row that I heard it at least four times every day. In English and in Portuguese. The English singer intrigues me. Never before have I heard singing made to sound like vomiting. It's an entirely new experience. In good news, I have discovered that it comes on 3 hours and 50 minutes after the playlist is started. Then I can make sure I have other music playing in my sewing corner.

Wings (I think that's the name) is song I have most recently taken notice of. It is sung by my very least favorite LDS singer and there are only two lines that I can make out while I'm at work. What are these things that look like wings?/What are they doing on me? Because I can only hear those two lines, I am left to draw my own conclusions about the meaning of the song. I have decided that she is lamenting the condition that afflicts so many women. Relief Society arms. Oh, the pain.


Sarah said...

Hey jordan! Just thought i would drop by and check out your blog :) You're hilarious.

Cicada said...

I don't have much occasion to hear any of those songs, but next time I hear the wings one, I really hope I get that RS arm imagery in my mind.

Abbie said...

I really honestly think you should become a writer! You do such an amazing job with your blog entries. They are hilarious. We should start brainstorming ideas together since I'm still wondering what to write a thesis on. Do you think my committee would appreciate something along the lines of Relief Society arms? Ya... I don't think so either.