Wednesday, October 03, 2007


Well, I think the time has arrived for Eric and me to make our excitement public. It will be several months before we have anything to show for it, but we're too happy to keep it secret. We feel like we are mentally prepared so...we're training to run a marathon. What did you think I was going to announce? We should be ready for one in March, but probably won't run it until the race in May in Idaho. We are not trying to meet any time goals, but simply finish a marathon together. Training started this morning. Wish us luck.


Carrie & Karl said...

Good Luck!

Aaron said...

first of all yes big trucks are the devil, i totaly agree with you there!! they are a waaste of space in an urban enviroment. my buddy has a real nice big truck and he usualy does not hual anything with it. it costs around 250-300$ a month on gas. its retarded. as for the luck, that real rugged stuff. i hope you guys are like hard core preparing!