Friday, October 05, 2007

I Think I Have a Problem

Hi. I'm Jordan and I'm a shoe-holic. It started innocently enough when the store I work at started to carry Propet womens shoes. I was given a pair to try out and loved them. Then we started carrying more styles and I paid for one in brown. I'd never had brown Sunday shoes. I began actually looking online for more styles of these comfortable shoes. What harm could it do when I could get them at an employee discount?

I started getting into the heavy stuff when we began stocking two other brands: Born and Dansko. Every employee was given a pair of Danskos. It was then that I crossed over. These shoes first. After that I started my downward spiral. Born shoes with Dryz footbed (translation: most squishy, comfy footbed EVER) became my new winter shoes. Lace-ups in soft pink leather. Another free pair of Danskos that go great with jeans. Casual walking sandals. Brown sandals. Black sandals. COMFORTABLE HEELS! (At this point imagine me with wild eyes and a rapid pulse.)

Yesterday I realized I was out of control. In one week's time I had purchased/received three pairs of shoes:

Running shoes to train for the marathon, a pair of navy Danskos the store is closing out (free again), and the gorgeous brown heels I ordered from Born a few weeks ago. Are they not beautiful? Are they not charming? "Yea, and the most joyous to the sole" (spelling intended).

I'm considering a 12 step program to conquer my addiction. I'll be happy to, so long as I can do the stepping in the shoes I love.


Carrie & Karl said...

I think as long as you're wearing the shoes you have, it's fine to buy more. Maybe consider throwing out a pair of cheap shoes for each really nice pair you get...

Abbie said...

OK. Can I just say that my Dansko's saved my feet in the mission? They were the best $120 I had ever spent on shoes... EVER! So, forget the 12 step program and let your feet relax in comfort. :)

Mary said...

omg...are they giving away free danskos anymore? I (heart) them!!!