Saturday, October 06, 2007

Why I Didn't Go

I was going to write about the wonderful evening that was the get-together with the sisters from my mission untl I realized that almost 50% of the four people that actually read my blog are people I served with. Okay, that's not exactly true. Abbie wrote about it and posted the picture, so it's on her blog if you want to see it. I thought I would, however, address the reasons why I decided to cut my evening short and go home instead of to the actual reunion.

I really, really wanted to see three of my companions who would be there (Alma, Jen, and Lena), but I had other compelling reasons to stay home.

1. I haven't actually enjoyed the reunions for about two years now. They hurt my feel bads. There are always people there I was good friends with and was excited to see who seem to brush me off on their way to talk to someone else. Why would I put up with that? The one notable exception is one of the more awkward elders I served with. He is very sweet and silently follows me around the room until he feels comfortable enough to greet me. He then says hello, asks how I am, and then goes away. If I didn't know he's just shy it would kind of creep me out.

2. I wasn't feeling very well. On the day after my body informed me in no uncertain terms that I am NOT (remember the NOT) pregnant, it decided to make me morning sick all day. How annoying is that? Answer: very.

3. I didn't want to fight traffic and parking at BYU. In the rain.

4. I was halfway through making cinnamon rolls for conference.

5. While I was in line at Pudding on the Rice with the other sisters a guy behind us asked if he knew me. We were in choir together in high school. We chatted for a while and I realized that I was having a more meaningful conversation with a guy who couldn't remember my name than I would have with any of the elders I served with.

6. It was a combined reunion with the most recently returned president and I wasn't interested in wading through room crowded with missionaries I'd never met.

So, to Alma, Jen, and Lena: I really did want to see you all, and I'm sorry I didn't.

To Lily, Mary, Abbie, Amber, and Allyson: I had a lot of fun. Thanks.


Abbie said...

I hear ya. I actually wrote more on my blog about the elders snubbing me but then took it off because I didn't want any of the elders I talked with last night to think that I was referring to them. And, I probably should apologize because I'm pretty sure I snubbed you last year. I'm lame and sometimes I suck but I'm glad we're in contact now and that you've become my exercise partner. Thanks for never snubbing me.

Abbie said...

And sorry if I ever hurt your feelings.

mom/Janet said...

Hi Jordan,
It's Abbie's mom again. I just had to comment on this subject. I served a mission when I was 21 and was so disappointed when I went to my first reunion. I realized then that the world had come into the lives of all of us and that we were no longer on equal ground. I wasn't a cute enough girl for the elders to talk to or they really could care less what I was up to in my life. I felt bad because we had some really good relationships on my mission. I taught seminary for 7 years and told my students many, many times that there are two times in your life when you will feel equal to everyone you're with and that is when you are in the temple and when you are on a mission. You all dress alike and have the same goal in mind. As soon as you step out of the temple and see someone you were with in the session, you can see how they dress or what kind of car they drive and you are all of a sudden in different classes. Same when you get off your mission. The mission is no longer your life and so the distinction. It is sad but true. So....I quit going to reunions after about three. The biggest shock was when my mission president asked me what my name was. Bless his heart, I understand he had lots of missionaries to keep track of but that one hit me hard. I just keep the memories in my mind and feel blessed that I had them.

Cicada said...

I'm sorry I missed you, too! I was planning on going to PotR, but wasn't able to make it after all, and went to the reunion only. I'm not crazy about reunions either. I only went this year because of social pressures. Every time, I swear it's my last.