Saturday, October 13, 2007

The Penguin Perspective

Eric told me about an idea that he heard from a guy he was in the military with. I have given it a name: the Penguin Perspective. It's pretty simple. The brain is like an iceberg filled with penguins. Only so many penguins can fit on any given iceberg. The penguins are thoughts, ideas, and memories. If you want to put actual science into it, you could say that neurons=ice. The more neurons that are formed in childhood, the bigger the iceberg. The bigger the iceberg, the more penguins can fit on it. Here's the catch: once the iceberg is full of penguins, you can't fit any more on without pushing some off. Something new replaces something older. And we can't always choose which penguin we lose.

Why, you may ask, do I mention this on a blog post? I flipped through channels while I was folding laundry and stumbled across Legally Blonde: The Musical. Apparently they turned the movie into a musical that is on Broadway. Intrigued, I started watching it and was caught up in deep and inventive songs like "OMG, You Guys". Thank goodness it finally went to commercial or I could have been sucked in for hours. Once my brain finally clicked into place I wondered how many penguins I'd lost.


Abbie said...

I love the end where you say, "I wonder how many penguins I lost." I totally feel your pain. I can't tell you how many times I think to myself, "This is such a waste of my time"... yet I don't do anything about it.

Braun Family said...

waste of time? welcome to my life. I'm willing to wager that you lost anywhere from 7-34 penguins. I would say it depends on how many songs you actually remembered humming along to. And how many penguins you had in the first place. But that is WAY beyond my penguin calculating abilities.