Wednesday, October 24, 2007

You Can't Get There From Here

I knew it would happen someday soon. There are five entrances to the shopping plaza I work in: one on the north, one on the east, one on the south (well-hidden), and two on the west. The two on the west have been closed for the past few weeks while they repave the road. I think that's happening today. The one on the north is newly opened from the last bit of construction, so it only makes sense that they periodically close it off again, just to be nostalgic. They did that today. Part of that closure included blocking off the access to the plaza from the east. Grumble. I use the southern entrance so infrequently that I almost forgot about it entirely. Before I remembered it I started concocting a plan to get me to work.

1. Park behind the other store in the plaza for which I have a key and security code (I work there every now and again, so they let me keep my access).
2. Let myself in and relock the door.
3. Turn off the alarm, wait 30 seconds, reset the alarm.
4. Run like heck for the front door before the alarm thinks I'm an intruder.
5. Unlock the front door, let myself out, and lock it back up.
6. Walk across the parking lot to get to the building I wanted to park at.
7. Curse the fates.

Luckily, I remembered the southern entrance. At least now I have a plan B for when they actually do forget to leave a business access. And I got there before the evil white truck.

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