Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Oh, What A Beautiful Morning

Today is starting out wonderfully. It was a little shaky right after I woke up, but got better immediately. I'd been having a dream that I was helping a co-worker (male) with a work related task. For no apparent reason I woke up suddenly. It was so abrupt that I didn't have time to realize that the man I was cuddled up to in bed was not my co-worker, but my husband. Sense came to me just in time, as I was about to yell and start kicking. So it actually turned out funny. Eric agrees.
Tangent: A similar thing happened the first year we were married, except in this case it had nothing to do with a dream. I woke up to see my long hair resting on my arm. I thought it was a cat. Eric tells me I got about two feet of air between me and the bed before I realized my mistake.
The next good thing was leaving the house on time to get Eric to school and me to work. Being on time allowed us to be at the intersection of 500 W and 1230 N (Bulldog Blvd) at the perfect time. One of my biggest pet peeves is people who run the red turn arrow at that intersection to get onto eastbound 1230 N. It happens every time I'm there. This time there was a police car that the red light runner couldn't see. Maybe it's not nice to be pleased that he was pulled over, but I was glad that someone finally got caught.
Finally, I got to work in time to get my parking spot. The past several mornings they've been taken by evil white truck, evil white truck's mini me, and big red truck. I didn't see the two big trucks, but mini me was there after I had parked. I hope the rest of the day keeps me in such high spirits.

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