Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Window Stalker

I have a window stalker. I was bent over my work when I had the feeling I should look up. Three feet away and through two panes of glass there was a strange man staring in at me. He smiled and waved and I did the same, though not as enthusiastically as he did. I looked back down to continue my work, then furtively glanced up a few moments later. He was still there and once again smiled and waved. I had to acknowledge him a second time before he would get off the grass, onto the sidewalk, and go away. I figured he was just a bit off, but told one of the guys about it. Less than an hour later I felt I should look up again. This time I could see him coming and called to the guys. I prefer to have witnesses of weirdness. They either didn't hear me or didn't pay attention. He parked his feet in front of my window and proceeded to stare at me and all the things on my sewing table. I glanced up and cracked half a smile, then called out to one of the guys specifically. No one came and the guy was still standing there. I wasn't about to look at him again because I don't want to encourage that kind of behavior. Finally, I had to just to see if he would go away. He didn't look so happy as he had been while waving at me. At least he went away. I would just write it off as general weirdness, but we found a hole in a window by my desk the other day and I have a vivid imagination when it comes to things like that. So, if I never post again you will know the window stalker broke the rest of the way through the glass, kidnapped me, and it holding me captive until I agree to mend his hoodie and the other things in the mysterious orange bag he was carrying.

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