Saturday, January 05, 2008

Crazy Psycho Stalker Sales Clerk

So at the Distribution Center yesterday there was a family (parents and adult daughter) shopping for a temple dress for the mom. As she was trying on dresses a sales girl from another store walked in and started scanning the room. When she found the daughter she smiled broadly and walked straight over. In a flurry of giddy words she explained that while cleaning out the "on hold" rack at the other store she found the black jumper the daughter had wanted to try on earlier. Apparently the correct size was neither out on the floor, nor in stock in the back. As soon as that bit of excitement was over the sales girl's face fell a little and she said, "Sorry, I'm kind of weird. I just remembered that you were coming here and thought you'd want to know about the jumper." She reddened a bit and made a break for the exit.

At this point I have to acknowledge that I was not just an innocent bystander. I was the psycho stalker sales girl. I had worked with the daughter for a couple of hours helping her buy mission stuff. Once I realized how weird it was that I followed them to another store to tell them about one of our products I was pretty sheepish. On the bright side they came back and bought the jumper. I just had a hard time making eye contact. Good thing I get to go back to only alterations now that the holidays are over.

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