Tuesday, January 08, 2008

American Gladiators, Take Two

The Writers' Guild strike continues. While it doesn't have a big impact on my life, it has left a hole in three hours of every week that I am sad is no longer filled with Chuck, Heroes, and Life. However, the networks have been coming up with other things to try to keep us tuned in. Eric and I snickered when we learned that American Gladiator was making a comeback. We watched the first episode for the expected amusement value and, instead, actually enjoyed ourselves. We quickly chose a favorite male and female contender in each round and cheered them on. Then, in keeping with tradition from Roman times, called for the blood of the contenders we didn't like. The most pronounced of these circumstances was a guy named Chad. He's a professional skateboarder. He was contending against Anthony, a New York City firefighter. Honestly, who would cheer for a professional skateboarder before a NYC firefighter? Even the skateboarder's own son was cheering for him to go down in one of the competitions.

One thing I am still mystified by is the sheer size of the gladiators. Look at the picture I posted above and see if you don't agree. I caught myself wondering where on earth they could buy clothes to fit them. Then I realized that they spend their work hours in strategically placed Lycra, so that takes care of most of the problem right there.

We did get our laughs in, though. There are still exceedingly cheesy moments like when Wolf (the hairy one) proclaims his readiness to compete by howling. There is also the name Toa. He is from Samoa. Eric went on his mission to Fiji (similar languages) and told me toa means chicken. This is the Samoan: TOA, n. 1. a warrior, a brave person, 2. a rooster. I'm thinking he chose it for the first definition. My other laugh comes directly from the website. Is it just me, or does he look like he's having difficulty passing something? Below is a video of the last of one of the episodes. It's not our favorite clip, but that's all they had. We were cheering for the guy who lost. He was a sweet country boy.

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