Friday, January 11, 2008

I'm On The Grid

Lately I haven't had much to blog about. That changed this morning. For the past several weeks as I was filling in for sales help I've been using the alarm code to open and close the other store. This morning was the first morning in several weeks that I have had to open the store where I do alterations. The alarm codes are different. Without thinking I punched in the code to the other store. And the alarm went off. I now know precisely how long it takes for the alarm company to call the store after the alarm is activated. I also know how long it takes for the Orem Police Department to arrive. The most annoying thing I learned is that when the alarm company turns the alarm off, they only reset it. I learned that very clearly when I let the police officer in the front door and the alarm promptly went off.

It was when the alarm went off that I made my mistake. After telling the officer I had expected him to come I ran to turn the alarm off. Things could have progressed very badly had he assumed I was running to get away. Instead I handed him my driver's license and answered all his questions. I wasn't taken away in cuffs, but I was pretty embarrassed that I made the alarm go off twice.


Della Hill said...

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I enjoy reading your blog because you have interesting things to say and a very cool and funny writing style.
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Abbie said...

FUNNY! That's a classic story. Glad you blogged about it!