Thursday, January 31, 2008

Missing the Point

I have a great appreciation for the people who wake up early and go to bed late driving snow plows. They make our roads more safe to drive and our nerves less frazzled. To the snow plow drivers: I thank you.

Now the other side of the story. There is a less-gifted snow plow driver that clears the snow off the parking lot in the plaza where I work. Before I continue I must state that our building is owned separately from the other buildings in the plaza. The guy who owns/manages the other buildings is rather bitter that there is a corner of the plaza completely out of his control. I would tell you how we know, but none of the stories are nice. Anyway, all of the parking lot is plowed by the same plow guy except for the little bit out front that is our parking lot. The picture to the left shows what the plowing looked like at the side door to our building. If you look at the street level and where the first visible step is, you will see that there is quite a difference. If you look close to the handrail you'll see my attempt at a step to help us get to the cement stairs (just under the triangle of light). Aren't snow plows supposed to make life easier? Or actually remove snow from where it impedes people? Of course, the guy who chose to park his truck directly in front of the stairs and leave barely enough room to squeeze by didn't help much, either.

Were this the only infraction, I probably would not have written about our particular snowplowman. Sadly, I did not get photographic proof of my favorite bit of bad plowing. There are several entries from the traffic lane into the parking lot across from us. Ideally, there would be room in every entrance for cars to both enter and exit. After the last storm the plow moved the snow out of the parking lot...and moved it into the entrances. I must admit, however, that it was really funny to watch the drivers very carefully try to exit the lot without getting stuck on the man-made snow drifts.

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Carrie & Karl said...

I've had a similar problem this year with snow plows. Last year the person who plowed our street also plowed our driveway, which is the full width of our yard. This gave the snow plow person a place to pile the snow (at the far side of our driveway), and at the same time made it possible to get out of our driveway when driving a geo. This year they have just left the excess snow on the side of the road, leaving a really deep pile to go through. Luckily we've only had to push the Geo 1 time, but that was enough.