Saturday, February 02, 2008

The Following Post is Rated PG-13ish

The Air Force has an interesting custom. Upon graduation from basic training they give you a special coin. If someone puts their coin out on a table everyone must pull out their own coins. Anyone who doesn't have their coin has to buy drinks for everyone. This custom is actually in the Airman Leadership course, so it's not just an obscure practice. This becomes important later.

As Eric and I were in line at our local fast food place, he pulled out his wallet to pay for our meal. I got a good look at one side of his wallet and was a little upset with the deep impression of a "ring" in the leather. Why on earth would he have a condom in his wallet? How long had he been keeping it there for it to make that deep an impression? Just where did he think we were going to need it? Was it left over from his single days (and why would he have had it even then)? Does he have other purposes for it that I'm not supposed to know about? It was obvious that none of his possible answers to my inquiry about the ring would leave me anything but angry. Just before I launched into my tirade I remembered that he doesn't like buying drinks for everyone just because he doesn't happen to have his military coin on him. So he has carried it in his wallet for almost 6 years now. Oh yeah. I knew that. Needless to say, he was spared sleeping on the couch that night and I was happy I hadn't yelled at him.


Della Hill said...

Good job remembering. Your husband is happier because of it.
You know, it's not such a bad thing for a guy to keep a condom in his wallet, even if he is married.
In fact, it's kind of a sign of responsibility, (or hopefulness). But preparedness none the less.
Still a funny story.

Braun Family said...

You should have offered to pay for the meal with the "spare change" in his wallet. that would have given the lady at the counter a real shock! Then again...maybe not...