Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Please Look at the Books. Pretty Please?

So I had my Usborne book party and I was a touch disappointed with the results. 35 people invited=1 guest that showed up. My mom was there, too, but we had it at her house. I understand it was a bad night, but that was the one the consultant gave me. What can ya do?

Now on to my point. I asked her to extend the closing date for my party so that I might have better luck. And because a friend who had surgery asked me to. So I'm taking it public. Before I place the link, let me offer a couple of suggestions of books I really loved from the party.

Babies and toddlers
That's Not My ____... books. Each page has a different texture and a mouse in a different location. There are too many learning things for young readers for me to mention, so just know that I own two of them and want more. The other Touchy-Feely books are great, too.

Play Books. These books (Busy Bus, Muddy Hippo, and Busy Truck) have a single puzzle piece that fits into each scene. The child can put the piece in while you read the story. The puzzle piece is attached to the book with a sturdy ribbon so it won't get lost.

Cloth Books. I just purchased the Baby Monster book and figure it will make a great quiet book for church whenever the right time for that comes.

Preschool and kindergarten
Slot Books. The description says "A cardboard character takes you on an exciting adventure as it passes through a slot on each page." I have A Squirrel's Tale.

Flap books. I like them all. The kids lift the flaps on the pages to learn more.

Older kids
1001 _____ Things to Spot.
How to Draw____.
_____ Things to Make and Do.
How Big is a Million? This one has pages that show 10 fish, 100 penguins, 1000 snowflakes, and a poster with 1,000,000 stars. It's great for showing kids how big these numbers really are.
See Inside ____. I have the Castles version and I ordered the Ancient Rome one, as well. Couldn't help myself.

There are also tons of math, science, and reading books that make learning fun for the kids. My Mom ordered Religions of the World for herself (which I also plan on reading) and a couple of other books for my niece and nephew.

To see the website, click here. That's the one that gives me credit for purchases. If you go there, do it before Tuesday. Monday is the last day I get credit for it. The books are just so great I like passing the word along. Even if I don't have my own kids yet.


Abbie said...

Oh Jordan, I'm so sorry! That is sad. If it makes you feel any better, I have a story for you... but it probably won't make you feel any better. Back when I was in 4th grade my mom had planned this big Tupperware party with all her friends. She probably invited about as many people as you did and NO ONE showed up. I remember waiting around with her and the consultant for over an hour and her saying, "Well, maybe they're just a little late." But no one ever came. I still feel bad about that night and want to cry when I think about it. I don't think my mom ever said a word to anyone about it, even if they asked, I think she lied and said it was nice. I'm sorry I couldn't be there. Our family dinner was nice but still, I'm sorry.

Amber said...

We ended up being in St. George all week, we left Sunday and won't be home until Friday. I didn't know we were coming until Thursday night. Sorry I couldn't get there.

Jordan said...

Just so everyone knows, I'm not at all upset that people weren't there. I'm just happy someone did show. However, blogs are such an easy forum for me to complain on that sometimes it sounds worse than it was. Also, I thought it couldn't hurt to advertise the book party while it's still available. That was most of the reason for it. I still want free books.:) No one can accuse me of being anything but honest.

Carrie & Karl said...

You got lucky, our tax return came today, so I could order something before time ran out. I hope you get lots of free books.