Monday, February 18, 2008

Presiden'ts Day Video

Well, I don't have any videos that are patriotic or have anything to do with any of our presidents. Instead I'll give you a video that is a tribute to Utah and all its lovely cities. Even the ones you never heard of.

I have fond memories when they mention Chester. When I attended Snow College I was told about the Chester Challenge. The challenge is to hold your breath as you drive through the entire town. It was surprisingly easy. It should be called the Chester Try-Not-to-Blink-So You-Won't-Miss-It. We timed it once and it took all of 7 seconds. Too bad I don't remember how fast we were going, but I doubt it was over 50 mph.


Della Hill said...

Hey, I used to Live in LaVerkin! We even had 2 stoplights.
Oh, memories...

Tom and Lillie Wilkinson said...

hey, I've been to CHester are you sure it took that long to drive through it?