Thursday, March 20, 2008

Bridal Shower

My brother is getting married in exactly one week. About 10-14 days ago my mom and I realized that we had not put together a shower for my future sister-in-law. Oops. So she assigned me to find a date, guest list, and things to do at the shower. We decided on a tea party idea, much the same as a shower my mom gave a month or two ago. Then I forgot for a while to ask the bride-to-be what day worked for her. Oops. Last Wednesday I called to ask about a for sure date and emailed all my family that I have in my address book to tell them to reserve the date. I also bought invitations and worked on getting addresses for them the next day. Then I forgot to mail them. For two days. Oops. I chalk everything up to pregnesia and hope people forgive me for my loss of brain power. So the invitations finally got into the mail on either Friday or Saturday. Most of the guests received the invites on Monday, but some didn't get them until the day before the event. However, the turnout was about what I expected and everything went over well. We had loaned our camera, so I didn't have anything to take pictures with. I knew my aunt Jan would have a camera, so I didn't sweat it. Thankfully she did. She'll email them to me and I'll post a couple of pictures for everyone to see.

It's a good thing there were other people involved in this other than me. Aside from the responsibilities already mentioned, it was also my job to pick up the tea packs, choose any activities, and help with other menu items. My friend Carrie offered to make a cake and sent me a list of romantic (mostly) quotes from movies to use as a game. Mom and I spent about 90 seconds deciding on a menu for the shower. I then assigned my aunt Chris to bring fruit and dip for it, while my mom took over making the English scones and the spreads for them. She also bought sugar cubes to put in the tea and cleaned and prepared her house for guests. All I ended up doing was delivering the beautiful cake to my parent's house, then going home to pick up the tea and the game. But, of course, I forgot the game. Oops. Thankfully, we live in a digital age and Eric was able to email it to me so I could print it at my parents' house. I also got prizes for the winners from the girl section of the store I work at and those went over well. I did act as the emcee, but that's not too hard. My mom had to leave early to go to a choir practice (she plays the piano and couldn't get out of it) and arrived back just as the last of the guests were leaving.

Anyway, things actually turned out quite nicely and a good time was had by all. Everyone was able to get to know Charlotte a little bit better and everyone liked the tea party. Even my Granny enjoyed herself and the chance to get out of the house. Charlotte got good stuff and that batch of ladies always have a great time chatting. So it really was a success even though party preparation is sort of beyond me. We all had fun and got to welcome Charlotte to the family. Now there's just one more party and all the wedding craziness will be behind us. It's a good thing that all I'm in charge of for the luncheon is showing up the day before and doing what my mom tells me. I have 27 years of experience in that arena and feel quite competent.

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Carrie & Karl said...

I put a picture of the cake on my blog if anyone would like to see it.