Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Couldn't Help It. Sorry.

It has been pretty busy getting ready for my brother's wedding tomorrow. So no video for this week. And...I know I said I would keep pregnancy/baby things on my other blog, but I can't help but share the cuteness. Courtesy of Holly, we now have exceedingly cute things for the baby.
Included were a darling onesie (that says Daddy does my hair), hair clips, 3 blankets, two photo frames, 3 pairs of socks, and a digital photo cube. How fun is that! I was expecting something like a candy bar for the prize from Holly, but this is a billion times better. I've been dying to go get pink things ever since we found out it was a girl. During my wedding prep time with my mom and brother today we went to TJ Maxx, so I did go ahead and buy a couple of things. There was the three-piece set with two onesies and a pair of pants. I also couldn't resist the purple cargo capris (her daddy loves cargo pants). So now I will leave you all to bask in the darlingness of all things baby girlish. Thanks again, Holly. I LOVE it all.


shrinkingme said...

Jordan, I am so glad you enjoyed your gift! I couldn't pass up that onesie, it was too cute. I just love having an excuse to shop for babies, since I am done I get to help spoil everyone elses little bundles =). And you are so right-shopping for pink things is so much fun!

Carrie & Karl said...

Those are adorable things!! That is definitely a cool prize!

Christin said...

So cute! I can't wait to see that little baby of yours, she is going to be darling!

Della Hill said...

What an awesome prize!
Aren't you glad you read my blog and answer my brain teasers?
I agree with the shopping for pink things idea.
Sadly, I've never been able to dress my own children in pink. So I'm glad you get to.
btw, when you type in the word verification when you post a comment, do you ever get letters that spell interesting things?
Right now I get to type in
hepjimp. It looks likes "he pimp"