Saturday, April 05, 2008

I Should Be Ashamed of Myself

On April Fool's Day my Hotmail greeted me with a link to an article about New Kids on the Block getting back together. I hoped it wasn't true. Then Mary wrote a post about it on her blog. Before I go on, I must confess that I was a fan. However, the love affair that would have been never materialized, as my parents never bought me any of their music or other paraphernalia. (Mom and Dad, my eternal thanks. Also, I spelled paraphernalia correctly on the first try and am proud of myself.) I was left to show my love for the New Kids by going over to someone else's house and looking at their posters.

Unable to believe that it really was something that was happening, I made sure to watch the Today show on Friday to confirm the rumors. I never watch TV in the morning. Ever. It makes me late for work. But I just had to know.

As there are other things going on in the world that have more significance than the fate of a boy band, the show went back and forth to other things. It was also the 40th anniversary of the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr. That put a more somber tone on things, which was also very good. Finally, just as I was about to unpark my keister from the couch and be productive, they started the segment in which the New Kids on the Block emerged to greet a crowd of screaming fans. It's true. They are back together and recording.

I watched intently to see if there was any reason why they thought it was a good idea. There wasn't an answer I found satisfactory. I was, however, pleased to see their change of appearance. Rather than their old uniforms of fashionably ripped jeans (remember those?) and poofy hair, they were all looking well-groomed. How I remained glued to the screen, I have no idea. I was grateful they switched over to the tribute for Martin Luther King because I had been sucked in. I thought about watching a little more until they brought out Al Sharpton to say some things. As soon as I saw him I turned off the TV and declared that I wasn't interested in listening to him (he's a little intense for me). That was when the shame hit. I allowed myself to be riveted to a boy band from my childhood, but then wasn't interested in listening to something that actually has meaning. Hmm...

So here's a picture of the new New Kids on the Block. For the record, they should change their name. They are not new, nor are they kids. In fact, at least one of them has kids of his own. Perhaps the name Middle-Aged Men Trying to Relive Their Glory Days would be more appropriate. And Mary, if you think Jon looked like Wynona Ryder back in the day, don't you think his brother, Jordan, now looks like Donny Osmond?

Though I have a touch of shame for being so interested in the fate of the New Kids, things could be worse. Watch the video above at about 1:33 or so and tell me the guy with the umbrella isn't worse off than I am.

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Braun Family said...

o.m.g.!!! this was a great post...on the button! how many of them do you think have fake teeth and tans? how many of those people in the crowd even knew of them in the 90s? all those girls looked like they were 20. (except for that creepy 40 yr. old looking woman). having said you want to go to their concert together?