Saturday, May 10, 2008

More Shoes

As many of you know, I have a terrible obsession with shoes. My love reminds me of the movie The Italian Job in which one of the characters wants a home in Spain that has a room just for his shoes. While I doubt that I will ever get that far, I have become adept at finding new ways to prove that I really do need that pair of shoes.

My most recent purchase was this fine pair of sandals from Dansko. I bought them for my brother's wedding at the end of March. They went with the outfit and I figured they'd be great for the summer. As comfortable (and lovely) as they are, these sandals are not friendly to my ever-expanding body. Heels are meant to tilt your hips forward. Tilting my hips forward means tilting my belly forward. Oh, already does that on its own. After wearing these sandals at work all day I was able to appreciate the shift in a pregnant woman's center of gravity. So I had to buy new shoes.
I ordered them on Friday and they should come soon.

They are from Propet and are white (so they match a couple pairs of capris) and have a low enough heel so that I shouldn't tip over when I'm standing still. Plus, I enjoy being able to buy them at wholesale. That makes me feel all warm inside. Or maybe that's the baby being my internal heater...


Della Hill said...

I love both of these.
I love shoes but for some reason I have a hard time spending money on them.
Good luck with the tilting belly.

Carlina said...
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