Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Why Did the Duck Cross the Road?

Nobody knows for sure why the chicken crossed the road, but I have a theory now on ducks. The mallards crossed the road to get to the bathroom.

I was driving Eric to school this morning and, after first waiting on one street for a school bus to load up pimply teenagers, we had to stop for a husband and wife team of duckies to cross the street. I had no desire to hit them and put an end to their web-footed bliss. However, I realized I had to move as soon as they were out of the way enough to pull around because cars were piling up behind me. I made a wide arc so the cars behind me would see I was avoiding something. Eric laughed right after the engine came back to life. He said, "You must have scared them because they both defecated in the road." I guess if they had to go that bad it would explain why the female had a hard time hurrying across.

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Abbie said...

That's funny. I would totally do the same thing. (Not poop in the road but make a big swerve so people knew I was avoiding something). Sorry I've been absent so long. I read your blogs via google reader and so I don't usually comment anymore.