Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Simplifying Summer

Memorial Day, to me, marks the true beginning of summer. The pools open and barbecues become much more common. I had to work this Memorial Day, so it wasn't a true vacation day for me. On the other hand, I work very close to a fabric store that was selling patterns for a buck a piece, so I bought patterns for the nursery bedding (I can't allow myself to pay $150 for that when I can make it for less than half the cost), baby outfits (you should see the little bathrobe), and a maternity pattern that I probably won't get around to during this pregnancy.

What I didn't get to do that I had been hoping to was swim. My grandparents pool (the one I can use for free--just my price) opened, but I doubt anyone had the guts to swim. I've been looking forward to that for months. Also, the evil old people at the complex decided that, even though my mom is an owner of the condo, she can't swim there or bring guests because she's not living there. So I can only go when my grandparents are there at the pool with us. Sad. They are leaving for Canada (or so I assume because they'll be gone for two weeks) today and I won't get to wear my cute maternity suit unless I pay to go somewhere. Sigh. But I can at least celebrate the onset of summer with one of my favorite videos. Be sure to follow its guidelines closely to avoid embarrassment and have a great summer.

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Della Hill said...

Thank you so much for that video.
Now that I understand the 300 meter rule (But what's that in yards?) I will be certain not to show off my undies in public this summer.
I get to go the beach! WooHoo!
Hope you get to swim soon.