Tuesday, July 08, 2008


Don't hate me for my reasoning behind this video. To protect the identities of people who don't actually read my blog, I'll just say I was privy to a conversation between a couple of guys I know. The subject matter had to do with their frustrations with their girlfriend/fiancees. I was a bit surprised that they were so completely naive and had to bite my tongue not to tell them why I thought their significant others were acting the way they were. The one who had already worked through the problem gave his expert advice to the other. Luckily for him, his method was successful (even if I thought his reasoning was faulty). I say it was lucky for him because I didn't expect that kind of success, considering the words I hear coming out of his mouth most often are "dude"and "sweet". He can, however, carry on an articulate conversation about the pros and cons of creatine in weight lifting. So, the video has to do with intelligence working backwards. And I think the video is fun.

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Christin said...

You have to give me details on that. I can only imagine the things you over hear at the Elder's store!