Thursday, July 03, 2008

Feeling Swell(ed)

Remember when I said I was glad I work indoors (last post)? That holds true only when the air conditioning is functioning properly. I will use pictures to show why.

These are ankles:

These are ankles (and feet and calves) when their owner is eight months pregnant and working in a building with broken air conditioning that allows the temperature to reach 89 degrees inside:
I bet you all wish you were me. Thankfully, they fixed the air conditioning this morning and I didn't even need to use the fan I brought.


Christin said...

you poor thing, that just looks painful!

Life with the Warrens said...

you are swelled too much honey. i had toxemia very badly when i was swelled like that. make your doctor check your blood pressure. it was a very unhappy delivery for me and i would hate for that to happen to you.