Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Haul

Three baby showers later...I think we are ready for our baby to come. It's either that or I'm just ready to have her out once and for all. Sadly, I don't take pictures as often as I should, so the showers are not well-documented. I am assuming that picture taking will be better once the baby gets here.

The first shower was with the girls from my mission. We went to this Italian place in Salt Lake called Settebello. The pizza was fabulous and the company was great. Here we all are, starting at the front left and curving around to the front right:

Abbie, Lena, Amber, Mary, Mindy, Tracey, Jenn, Me, Lily, and the back of Jane's head. Such beautiful girls. Then there's the one in purple with weird hair and a red nose from being sick...

The next shower was given by my darling friend Carrie. We had it at her parents' house while they were gone to serve and help out at the Hill Cumorah pageant. It brought back great memories to be there with friends from high school at the house she lived in then. Carrie and Cacci prepared a very yummy spread of food. There was a lot of it and it was delightful.

Here we have Cacci, her son, Ford, Carrie, Janae, me, and Karla. There were other people who stopped in and out, but this was the one group shot I got.

Celeste was there, too. Seeing this picture makes me realize that being next to thin, non-pregnant people makes me feel bulbous. But it's all worth it, right?

This past Saturday my mom gave a shower for me, too. That one was...less exclusive (read: much larger) than the other two. It was family/ward/work/other friends (you get the idea) shower. It was great fun, too. My mom also made sure there was plenty of food to go around. It was a good thing, because there were more people there than we really anticipated. There were 36 chairs set up around tables, but that was inadequate. Thank goodness it was open house style so that people could come and go. Otherwise, we would have had to be even more creative with chairs. I didn't ever take a count of how many people were there, but it was a lot.

The meal.

The haul. There was also a crib mattress and some of the stuff is consolidated into fewer bags. My little girl made out like a bandit.

I was also very pleased that I remembered the names of the people from my parents' ward. I haven't attended it for about 6 years and we only moved into the ward after my first year of college.

One of the fun things we did was provide my mom with adjectives so she could do a mad lib she had written about the story of Eric and me. There were some really interesting ones. I was born in sweet Provo, but then we moved to poopie Bakersfield. My aunt gave an "amen" to that. She lived there for a few years, too. Some of the descriptors for Eric included creepy, lovable, and squishy. The day we were married ended up being very accurately described as cranky. So now Eric and I are starting our own perverted family with the arrival of our snot-nosed daughter.

The last picture is one of me and Cari, the daughter in law of close family friends. Cari went to Italy on her mission, also, but she went to Catania instead of Rome. She's due two days before I am with her second little boy. It was a trick when I tried to give her a hug goodbye. There was a lot of bending, stretching, and bumping involved, as well as a little belly rolling. But we can now call this Eliana and Ethan's first meeting. We'll see which baby decides s/he'd like to be born first. I'm rooting for Eliana.

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