Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Diminished Mental Capacity

So one of the things I did not mention in my last post about baby showers was my obvious lack of brain power. It manifested itself several times. Perhaps I can blame it on my desire to get the opening of presents over with. Not everyone enjoys watching someone else open multiple gifts and exclaim over them. I am one of those "not everyone." I thought that the guests would probably appreciate me hurrying through the process, considering the table was pretty well piled. I was mistaken. There were several requests to hold each and every gift up high for all to see. Anytime I forgot I was promptly reminded to hold it up. I digress.

Anyway, my loss of proper brain function was quite noticeable as I held up gifts for everyone to "ooo" and "aah" at. With at least two clothing items (I think there were actually three) I held them up and declared what cute little pink outfits they were. One was, in reality, green and another was yellow. I think there may have been another of a different color. The other mistake was when I held up what was obviously a towel embroidered with ducks and said how cute the blanket was. Everyone was, at the very least, amused with how terribly my mind has been lost.

As for the video, I wish I could blame my increasing stupidity on muscle relaxant, but I haven't taken any in...at least nine months. But that doesn't mean I don't feel (and act) like the guys in the video. This is one of my favorite in my collection.

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stephasauri said...

I think one of them was purple. Ha ha! It really was funny. It's one thing when it happens once, but that your did it three times was priceless!