Friday, August 08, 2008

The Short Version

We are so excited to announce that Eliana is here! She was born 6 days ahead of schedule (no complaints there!) on Monday August 4th. She entered the, 6:48 pm. She weighed in at 7 lbs 8 oz and was 19 inches long when you include her oh-so-stylish conehead. We've decided she looks like a pretty good mix of both of us. She has my nose and hands, while Eric passed on his feet and sleeping position. We'll see about all the rest as time passes. If you are interested in a (much) more detailed account of her birth, go here. Here are a couple of pictures for you to salivate over.
This is the dress my mom bought for Eliana to come home from the hospital in. Isn't it just precious? I know I'm supposed to sleep when she sleeps, but the most sublimely beautiful thing on this earth is my daughter's face. Especially after she's just eaten. I can't resist holding her and gazing at her.

Here's a blurry one with her eyes open. I was really close to getting a shot of her holding her pacifier in with her finger this morning, but she pulled it out when she saw what I was doing.


stephasauri said...

I love the picture of Eliana in the little pink dress! She looks so sweet and peaceful. We had a similar dress for Eliza, but when we put it on at the hospital it was way too small and looked terrible. I'm glad that Eliana fit so beautifully in hers!

By the way, we aren't actually leaving until the 15th. If you're up for visitors before then, we would love to come see you guys! I want to hold your sweet little girl!

Let me know if you need anything!

Mary said...

i was hoping i would see this post! congrats, jordan!!! i'm so happy for you guys. Eliana looks like a true belle. not that I'm of luck these next few months. much love, sorella L.

Life with the Warrens said...

She is beautiful absolutely beautiful! I am happy for you both to finally have that snuggly little lassie in your arms everyday now! remember to take it easy and get plenty of rest!