Thursday, July 31, 2008

Whiner Crybaby

Here's your giggle for today. While I was at work I overheard a conversation between a customer and his grandmother. The two of them had been bickering about where he was to go to church that Sunday to the point that I was sick of it. As he was trying on pants, his grandmother told him to come out without his shoes so his hem could be measured. He said it would take too much time for him to do that. They continued bickering on this subject until I actually put my head in my hands and was tempted to scream, "If I don't kill you now your first MTC companion will. Take off the friggin' shoes!" I was spared when the salesman (who I will refer to as "Waffler". See the video below to give you an idea) was helping him told him he needed to take his shoes off. I was amazed at his patience.

Five or ten minutes later, Waffler came back to ask me a question. Twice I tried to ask in my most quiet voice, "Who is that whiner crybaby you're helping?" but he didn't catch it either time. As I was making my third attempt the grandma came around the corner to see what I had to say about Waffler's question. I just smiled. Waffler then turned to the grandmother and said, "This is my mom. We're outfitting my nephew." Boy was I glad he hadn't heard what I had to say.

As a finishing touch to the story, I asked Waffler where his nephew would be serving his mission. Apparently I had misunderstood. The nephew is 14 years old, which explains the pointless bickering.

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Life with the Warrens said...

Jordan why are you so hilarious? i would have been going crazy if i had to listen to the whining too. but the mystery men clip was awesome. love it!